When a Cyclone Strikes

When a cyclone strikes disconnect electrical appliances, stay indoors, beware of the calm eye as per the following recommendations.

  • Disconnect all electrical appliances. Listen to your battery radio for updates.Stay inside and shelter (well clear of windows) in the strongest part of the building, ie cellar, internal hallway or bathroom.
  • Keep evacuation and emergency kits with you.
  • If the building starts to break up, protect yourself with mattresses, rugs or blankets under a strong table or bench or hold onto a solid fixture, eg a water pipe.
  • Beware the calm “eye”. If the wind drops, don’t assume the cyclone is over, violent winds will soon resume from another direction. Wait for the official “all clear”.
  • If driving, stop (handbrake on and in gear) – but well away from the sea and clear of trees, power lines and streams. Stay in the vehicle.

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