Before a Cyclone Strikes

Being prepared before a cyclone comes is the best way to keep your family and pets safe.

  • Check with the Burdekin Shire Council to see if your home has been built to cyclone standards.
  • Check that the walls, roof and eaves of your home are secure.
  • Trim treetops and branches well clear of your home (get Council permission).
  • Preferably fit shutters, or at least metal screens, to all glass areas.
  • Clear your property of loose material that could blow about and possibly cause injury or damage during extreme winds.
  • In case of a storm surge/tide warning, or other flooding, know your nearest safe high ground and the safest access route to it.
  • Check neighbours, especially recent arrivals, to make sure they are prepared.
  • Prepare an Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

Prepare the following items and keep them in a sturdy, easily transported bag or box.

  1. Battery operated radio (with spare batteries)
  2. Torch (with spare batteries)
  3. Candles, lighter and water proof matches
  4. First aid kit and manual
  5. Combination pocket knife
  6. Portable (gas) stove with fuel
  7. Cooking gear
  8. Water in sealed containers (10L per person)
  9. Medications additional supplies
  10. Toiletry and sanitary supplies
  11. Change of clothes and strong shoes
  12. Nonperishable food (cans) – enough for 3 to 4 days (can opener and utensils)
  13. Special needs items for infants, the aged and people with disabilities
  14. Pet food, water and other animal needs
  15. Tent or tarpaulin, and blankets
  16. Other camping equipment
  17. Cash money (ATMs may not be available)
  18. Personal documents (insurance certificates, photographs etc)
  19. Strong plastic bags (for clothing and valuables etc)
  20. Emergency phone numbers

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