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Flexi Queensland is a specialist disability support service with a wealth of knowledge in meeting the needs of people with disability.

Flexi Queensland supports:

  • children and adults with a disability
  • individuals experiencing mental illness and
  • those who are ageing in a wide range of life areas
  • along with the parents/carers and families.

The world of support services can be overwhelming and daunting to individuals, parents, carers and families when they start their journey seeking supports for themselves or for their loved one.

It can be difficult to figure out where to begin, what it is that you need, or to know what it is you are looking for and where to find it.

If this is you… give us a call on 1800 210 637.

Let us talk you through it… the old way is sometimes the easiest… if it works for you it works for us.

To learn more about Flexi Queensland visit our web site at flexiqld.com.

We provide a number of generic services as well as some very different ’boutique’ opportunities for families and individuals.

Services we offer are for anyone:

  • elderly living at home, or very frail and needing higher support,
  • Children and Adults with disabilities and/or
  • People who struggle with poor mental health.

Our staff are trained and experienced in all these areas and we have considerable experience in adapting what YOU would like into action!

All our programs include a mix of individual activities and choices of group activities – individual choose their individual plans.

We offer:

Accommodation: Both supported accommodation, holiday units, independent accommodation and weekend holiday respite. Everyone in our accommodation services also chooses which activities they would like to participate in (see below)

Community Activities: This includes a range of living skills support, assistance with daily activities, individual specialist support for particular goals as well as some great social activities. We have cooking, photography, get fit, sleepovers, craft, pottery, sports and a ton of other activities. All our activities include elements of learning throughout.

Respite: We call these Holidays rather than respite. These can be overnight get-aways, weekends or weeks away where we plan the activities with the individual and then ensure they get to choose how the holiday will be for them!

Transition Program: Also known as Living and Learning. We have developed this program in consultation with families and it aims to ensure that wherever people can be occupied increasing their skills we need to assist them to do this. So we look for community partners for volunteer as well as casual work that we can support people to undertake with a view to continued skills development.

Children’s Program: This is to provide some friendly fun with a learning element for school aged children. We primarily run these programs after school and during the school holidays. Activities are carefully coordinated to ensure safety and appropriateness to all participants but include cooking, art, swimming, nature activities, sports and visits to facilities in and around their community.

Young Adults Program: This program is designed for people of school leaving age until… well, whenever. We don’t work on ages, but on life stages, so we have some really active Young Adults in their 50′s as group participants. We focus on skills development, learning through routines, social and networking activities and healthy relationships.

We go to the theatre, football games, basketball, movies, out to dinner, we run skills courses and healthy living programs which incorporate smart shopping, cooking, eating weight management and exercise. Group members choose and plan (including budgets and invitations) for all their activities.

The Hangout is a place where people can meet up with mates before going out, we offer various activities on different days, and we have visiting service partners from Townsville.

Flexi Holidays is a service for anyone who needs a little additional support to have a holiday. Sometimes we can arrange a holiday with Commonwealth funding, but mostly we have people who save up to come. We work closely with the public trustee as we have many joint clients.


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